Gaby uses an Online TOEFL Course to go from 80 to 100 in just 2.5 months.

After reaching TOEFL success in listening and reading with Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Gabriela from Brazil improved her TOEFL iBT score from 80 to 100 in just 2.5 months. What made this possible? Easy to say, it was because of Michael’s thoughtful lesson plans which target on improving students academic proficiency in English.

With the listening section for example, Gabriela learned how to take effective notes as she began to complete 40 + listening practice tests. Afterwards, she used her notes to answer the listening comprehension questions and with these notes, she was able to be effective in writing and giving oral summaries with different sections of the TOEFL. Eventually with effective note taking skills, Gabriela learned to better her ability in catching the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages, which really allowed her to score high in the listening section of the TOEFL iBT.

As for the reading section, Gabriela was provided with multiple lessons and over 60 speed reading tests which enabled her to learn effective reading skills: discerning main ideas and details, understanding vocabulary from context, understanding the organization of reading passages including transitions, and having the ability to make inferences. In addition, as far as reading goes, Gabriela had the assignment of reading 45 minutes daily. Because of this, Gabriela really improved her reading comprehension skills and ended up with a reading speed of 355 words per minute.  All in all, with effective lessons, multiple speed reading tests, and by reading every day, Gabriela had became a proficient reader and ended up scoring very well in the reading section of the TOEFL iBT.

Gabriela’s final comments to Michael are listed below:

“Hello Michael,

Even though I did not achieve my desired score in speaking and writing, I still want to thank you for all the helping materials and lessons you provided to improve my TOEFL iBT score from 80 to 100! I am glad that the combination of your vocabulary, writing, listening, and tutorial classes helped me achieve almost a perfect score in reading and listening. Here are my scores:

Reading 29 (Improved 7 points using your course.)
Listening 28 (Improved 7 points using your course.)
Speaking 23 (Did not get the goal score of 26, but I still improved 3 points in 2.5 months.)
Writing 20 (Improved 3 points in just 2.5 months, and I have to say you have the best writing section)
Overall, I improved 20 points in just 2.5 months by using your course contents. Because of this, I intend to practice for another 2 months in your course for I can improve my scores in speaking and writing.

Until then, thank you very much for all your great lessons and help!

Best of Luck,


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