Gaby joins an Online TOEFL Course to improve her English proficiency.

With Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Ecuadorian native Gaby sees potential in her success in pass the TOEFL iBT with over 100 and in improving her English proficiency. Her opinion of Michael’s course is listed below:

“Dear Michael,

I am trying my best to study in your website. Furthermore, your advice in watching T.V. networks like Fox and Friends every day in the morning for about 1 hour is really sharpening my listening and comprehension abilities! Yet it is just so strange, every time, when I took the TOEFL test for the listening part before, I was able to get every word, but my comprehension ability was just so low; however this is changing because of your English course. In spite of this, my previous TOEFL score was 85 with R 20, L 18, S 22, and W 25, which is why I joined your course for I can score over 100 and to better my English proficiency. Anyway, I feel very comfortable studying with you, I am very lucky to have you as my teacher, you are so nice and kind and I am sure that I will get there under your help! Moreover, I will continue to study with you even after I pass my TOEFL test. As of now, I am completing your reading section which is amazing but also you’re speaking & pronunciation sections which are also amazing. So, I want to thank you very much for all your service and advice! Because of it, my own family even notices the changes in my English proficiency!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Best regards

Because of Michael’s TOEFL Course, Gaby couldn’t resist but to notify Michael with her progress. Having been subscribed for 2 months now, Gaby has learned the ropes when completing and studying content from the lesson plans offered in the course. For example, with the listening section, Gaby had over 40 academic listening practice tests to learn to catch the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages in which after she answers the listening comprehension questions. In addition, with the reading section, Gaby has 70 academic speed reading practice tests where she’s learned effective reading strategies such as discerning main ideas and details, understanding vocabulary from context, understanding the organization of reading passages including transitions, and having the ability to make inferences. Furthermore, with sections like speaking & pronunciation, Gaby has completed Speak Clearly Lessons teaching her to recognize and annunciate sounds with different syllable division, grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, thought groups, and blending. All in all, because of comprehensive lesson plans like these, Gaby seems to show great enthusiasm in reaching her goal.

In the end, Gaby is truly developing academic English skills that will help in her goal of scoring over 100 on the TOEFL with Michael’s “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”So, if you would like to finally reach success in the TOEFL, consider joining Michael’s 7 Step System and like Gaby your goal in passing the TOEFL will only be a matter of time.

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