Free TOEFL Writing Resources

The free TOEFL writing resources on this web page will help in seven important areas:

  1. Grammar
  2. Depth and progression of ideas
  3. Thesis statements
  4. Model responses
  5. Organization
  6. Practice
free TOEFL writing resources
free TOEFL writing resources

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Improving your grammar

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Having depth and complexity of thought

Free TOEFL Writing Resources:  Improving your thesis statements

  • Example TOEFL Thesis: Learn why writing a 20+ word thesis is a brilliant strategy.
  • What words work best in thesis statements? Do you know how to write thesis statements for the four most common independent writing topics? Learn why using precise and clear words will help you score higher on the writing section of the TOEFL iBT.
  • Writing a three-point thesis for the independent writing task will help you write a coherently organized essay. Learn how to write one.

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Motivational Stories

  • TOEFL Independence Day for Iris: It was not easy, but Iris finally freed herself from the chains of the TOEFL exam when she scored 27 on  the writing section of the exam.

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Viewing model responses

  • Advantage and disadvantage TOEFL model essay
  • Do you know how many words you should write for the TOEFL independent writing task?  Get the answer to this question. Also, see a model response.
  • How many words should you write for the TOEFL integrated writing task? Learn this and see a model response: Get your free lesson right now.
  • Laura scored 30/30 on the writing section of the TOEFL iBT.  She has some important tips to help you score high as well.
  • Read an actual TOEFL independent writing topic that appeared on the exam.  See a sample response of how you could write a high-scoring answer. Learn a template that you can use for TOEFL integrated writing.
  • Read an essay of a student who scored 20/30 points on an independent writing practice test.  See what changes she will have to make in order to score higher.
  • See some sample templates and model responses for the TOEFL independent and integrated writing practice tasks. Click Here.
  • This integrated writing practice test scored 22/30 points. Learn why and see a modified version of her essay that would score 30/30 points.
  • See a live demo of a student who scored 20/30 pts. The TOEFL mentor shows the student what changes need to be made so that he score 30/30 pts.  Watch the video.
  • TOEFL Task 2 Example Score of 21/30 points: See what you need to do to avoid the mistakes the writer makes in this example TOEFL task 2.
  • TOEFL Writing Feedback on Two Tests: See common mistakes writer make druing the TOEFL independent and integrated writing tasks. You will also learn how to correct those mistakes.

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Organizing ideas more coherently

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Getting practice

  • Do you have only one month to improve your TOEFL writing? Read this article.
  • Have you taken the TOEFL exam over and over but still cannot get your writing score of 24? You had better read this article.
  • Have you thought of getting writing feedback so that you can reach your writing target score of 24 much faster?  Read more about how feedback may be the solution.
  • Listen, read, and take notes on shorter to gradually longer and longer passages. Then make a recording explaining how the information in the listening passage connects to the information in the reading passage. There are 50 practice exercises to help you improve your integrated writing skills. Compare your response to listening scripts and suggested model paraphrases to see if you are accurately and completely explaining the information: Integrated Writing Practice
  • Practicing effectively will help you to reach your writing dream score much faster. Learn what you should be doing right now to improve.
  • Take a free writing practice test. The TOEFL writing mentor will score your essay from 0-30 points. Finally, he will provide you some written or audio feedback so that you can understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.
  • TOEFL Essay Topics to Help You Score High: See examples of common essay topics appearing on the TOEFL iBT.
  • TOEFL Independent Writing Strategies:  At nearly 7,000 words, this lesson is the only one you will need to prepare for TOEFL writing task 2.
  • TOEFL Integrated Writing Strategies: At 3075 words, this is the most comprehensive integrated writing lesson I have ever written. In this lesson, you will see multiple lists of transition words.  In addition, you will learn how to summarize reading and listening passages from the third person point of view. Moreover, this lesson teaches you how to use a chunking compare and contrast organization.  Furthermore, you will get great tips on how you can create your own unique template. Lastly, you will take a mock practice test, after which you will be able to compare your notes and essay to model notes and a model response.
  • TOEFL Transition Words: Learn 100’s of phrases and transition words to help you argue, suggest, choose, emphasize, add, generalize, restate, set up a condition, show cause/effect, show contrast, exemplify, disagree, agree, show similarity, indicate spatial relationships, state options, explain problems, illustrate reasons, and to summarize/conclude.

Free TOEFL Writing Resources: Using appropriate vocabulary

  • Do you know how to use reporting verbs during the TOEFL integrated writing task?  Do you know why you should use them?  You had better study this lesson if you are not sure.
  • Get your list of 1,700 college-level words. Learn how to use 50 important  reporting verbs.

If you want to practice what you are learning on this web page, you can send me writing practice tests daily. As you practice, I will score your writing practice test so you can monitor your progress. To learn more, go to

Writing Tips

  • Avoid TOEFL Templates: Thinking of using writing templates during the TOEFL exam? After you read this article, you will never again use Google to search for the following key words: “TOEFL speaking templates.”

Good luck!

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