Complete a free TOEFL speaking practice test and get feedback from a specialist!

On this web page, you will be able to complete a free TOEFL speaking practice test which will be evaluated by Michael Buckhoff–the founder owner and materials writer for “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”

Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test

Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test: Evaluation Criteria

Your speaking practice test will be evaluated according to the following rubrics for the independent speaking task: Click Here  In fact, after you complete your speaking practice test, Buckhoff will provide feedback for you so that you can see any delivery, language-use, and topic development issues that you might be having. In addition, Buckhoff will give you an estimated score of 0 – 30 points so that you can see what you current TOEFL speaking level is.  Finally, Buckhoff will recommend a specific course plan that will help you to improve your speaking and pronunciation fluency of American English.

Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test:  Example Feedback Sample

Students send Buckhoff more than 20 speaking practice tests daily, so he has graded 1000’s and 1000’s of TOEFL speaking practice tests, and he knows exactly how to evaluate, score, and comment on your TOEFL speaking practice, In fact, listen to the following audio file in which Buckhoff gives feedback to one of his Online TOEFL Course students:  Listen to the feedback that Buckhoff provides.

Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test Instructions

Read the sample speaking prompt and take some time jotting down some key point that you would like to include in your response. Then, using your phone, make a 45 second recording answering the question: 1) include a brief 5-10 second introduction to frame your response. 2) include 1-2 reasons supported by specific examples to illustrate your points. 3) Speaking as quickly and as naturally as you can by avoiding awkward pauses and hesitations

Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Test: Sample Prompt

Some People Believe That Students Should Have A Job While They Are Still Students. Do You Agree Or Disagree.

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Please score my TOEFL speaking practice test so I can know what my current TOEFL speaking level is.


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