Fatima uses an Online TOEFL Course to reach her goals.

An African native from Algeria, Fatima wanted to improve her English. Having spoken Arabic most or her life in Algeria, Fatima only learned English only as a secondary language through her education in school. Thus wishing to improve her speaking and pronunciation in English, it’s assumed that Fatima searched for an Online TOEFL Course to develop her English skills. Correspondingly, she joined “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” by materials mentor Michael Buckhoff.

To begin with, in Michael’s seven step system, Fatima now had the practice tests and exclusive lesson plans to help improve her English proficiency in regards to her speaking ability. To begin with, through Michaels speaking section, Fatima completed various skill building exercises and practice tests which challenged her ability to answer academic questions in English. As a result, after many weeks Fatima steadily improved in these exercises and practice tests. Suitably, by equally reviewing the responses she received from iBT speaking specialists along with her exercises; Fatima ended up scoring 20/30 on the TOEFL speaking section! Though Fatima had help from Michael’s pronunciation section as well.

In Michael’s pronunciation section, Fatima was provided with thousands of pronunciation drills, exercises, and practice tests to help improve her English pronunciation skills. Going through exercises were she needed to repeat certain vowel and consonants sounds, Fatima practiced extensively in order to improve her stress, intonation, and pausing of the words. Suitably, by equally reviewing the feedback provided by Michael himself and these exercises, Fatima began developing excellent pronunciation skills and paved her success in performing well in the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT. Yet, these were not the only skills Fatima improved on while being a member; Fatima improved her academic proficiency in listening, reading, and writing as well.

Improving her academic proficiency in listening, reading, and writing as well, Fatima took full advantage of Michael’s course. In spite of her original intention of taking the course to improve her speaking skills, Fatima mentioned how she reviewed the other numerous practice tests and lesson plans with these other sections for further improvement. All said and done, Fatima developed her English proficiency exponentially from her original TOEFL score of sixty-one. Hence, Fatima ended up scoring with a total of seventy-seven out of one-hundred and twenty.

“I feel like I accomplished my goal of improving my English. I gaining the skills to communicate very well in English now.

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You two can commit to strengthening your communication in English by considering enrolling into Michael’s course when possible.

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