Eric joins an Online TOEFL Course and improves his writing score by 6 points.

“Hi Michael,

I would like to know, what do you recommend for students trying to improve their writing abilities? I have taken the TOEFL twice so far, I got 80 in my first attempt and in my second attempt I got an 84.

Score of my first attempt: R20, L22, S20, and W18
Score of my second attempt: R20, L24, S22, and W18

I need to get 90 in only 30 days and I have joined to a 30 day subscription of your course, which lessons would you recommend for me, I would like to improve my writing abilities and score higher on TOEFL?



After Eric had enrolled in Michael’s Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Michael recommended his 30-Day TOEFL Study Guide focusing on Grammar and Writing to Eric. With this, Eric was going to begin Michael’s well developed writing study guide that teaches with an emphasis in writing and grammar, and targets in improving students writing proficiency.

In the study guide, it contains an outline with many clickable links, all of which directed Eric to many of the comprehensive lessons in Michael’s grammar and writing sections. With this, Eric and students have the potential of scoring 24 points or higher on the writing section of the TOEFL iBT as well as improving their writing score by 3-6 points.

In Michael’s grammar and writing section, Eric had many skill-building lessons that target in teaching competent writing skills such as:

  • Basic and advanced sentence structures, verb tenses, word forms, word choice, parallel structures, and so on.
  • Competence in independent and integrated writing skills such as: decoding the writing task, organizing a coherent response, writing detailed developmental paragraphs, and ending the essay with a conclusion.
  • Sentence variety, being more concise, and punctuation contained in Grammar Lessons 1-3.
  • Purpose and audience, thesis statements, introductions, choosing an appropriate point of view, topic sentences, and transitions in “Writing, Grammar, ESL, and Research Exercises.”
  • And sentence style, word choice, grammatical sentences, ESL challenges, punctuation, mechanics, and research exercises in “Grammar Exercises.”

With this in mind, by learning this content it better acquainted Eric with the rigors of academic writing and better prepared him for the independent and integrated writing sections of the TOEFL iBT. In addition, with over 40 independent and 43 integrated practice tests plus 100′s of skill-building exercises and feedback provided by iBT writing specialists, Eric also learned to minimize the frequency of grammar errors he makes when he speaks and writes English. But most importantly, Eric improved his academic writing proficiency for life.

Because of this, Eric learned moderately proficient writing skills within 30 Days and reported his excellent results on the TOEFL iBT writing section with Michael, these scores listed as 91 overall with: R20, L24, S22, and W25.

In the end, Eric improved his writing proficiency by 7 points in just one month! Taking to account the many lessons which taught him the writing skills he needed to improve, if you know someone having a tough time meeting proficient marks on the TOEFL writing section or just struggling in improving their academic writing, consider joining Michael’s Online TOEFL Course and begin your access to Michael’s many writing lessons which target in building skillful writing skills at any writing level, guaranteed!



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