Enrique improves his TOEFL speaking profiency.

Do you have pronunciation problems that you need to solve if you want to speak more clearly? If you believe that you will not be able to reach near-native speaking proficiency, then that is exactly what will happen. However, if you practice and are motivated to improve, then you will reach near-native English proficiency. With more than 20 years of helping international students reduce their accents and speak more naturally, Michael Buckhoff has helped improve the speaking and pronunciation of numerous students in American English. For instance, believing that Michael’s course would have helped him in pursuit of reaching his target score of 100/120, Enrique subscribed to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course.

Firstly, with regards to Michael’s vocabulary section, Enrique learnt to be able to support his statements during the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL IBT with detailed descriptions. How was this possible? Well with Michael’s vocabulary section, Enrique built a strong vocabulary foundation by reviewing vocabulary lesson plans, exercises, and quizzes for comprehending and making use of 1,700 vocabulary words. As a result, Enrique developed an outstanding vocabulary foundation.

Secondly, with regards to Michael’s pronunciation section, Enrique was provided with thousands of pronunciation drills, exercises, and practice tests to improve his English pronunciation skills. Going through exercises where he needed to repeat certain vowel and consonant sounds, Enrique practiced extensively in order to improve his pausing, stress, and intonation of various words. As a result, Enrique began developing adequate pronunciation skills and even paved his success to performing well in the speaking section of the TOEFL IBT.

Thirdly, with regards to Michael’s speaking section, Enrique was able to learn the speaking skills needed to score high during independent and integrated speaking tasks. By studying appropriate organization with the right lessons and exercises, Enrique built competent speaking skills such as: figuring out the speaking task, establishing a comprehensible response, expressing rich details during her points of view and examples, and closing with a final thought. Given this, Enrique built a marked difference in his speaking and pronunciation performance.

In the end as a result of these sections, Enrique credited Michael’s Online TOEFL Course of giving him the benefit of developing his speaking proficiency in American English. Reluctantly, Enrique scored 103/120 on his next TOEFL IBT exam with R-26, L-26, S-25, and W-26. All in all, like Enrique, considering subscribing to develop your American English in order to attain your ideal English goals.

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