Elaf wants to use an Online TOEFL Course to improve his writing and listening skills.

Yesterday, Elaf made the following comments at the Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT”:

hello professor i would like to ask you about IBT tofel exam ; i will come to USA very soon to live , continue my study in dentistry and im welly concerined about passing the exam from the first attempt , im reading tofel and facing some issues about time to complete my essay , haw to express my thoughts when answering an question in writing test also i have a problem in writing note duering listening to a passage (i mean i can’t focus to the passage and write note at the same time)so please help me to organize my thought if that possible with my best regard in advance.

After founder, owner, and materials writer Michael Buckhoff read Elaf’s message, he gave him some comments as they related to improving his writing and his note-taking abilities. First of all, to improve his writing, Michael told Elaf that he needed to improve his vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills, which would make it easier for him to complete the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections of the TOEFL exam. In fact, Michael told Elaf that his Online TOEFL Course’s first three sections focused exclusively on helping users to improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar proficiencies. In all, Michael’s Online TOEFL Course boasts dozens of independent and integrated writing lessons with 30 independent and 10 integrated writing practice tests, all designed to help Elaf and anyone else desiring to score high on the TOEFL.

Second of all, to improve note-taking and listening skills, Elaf will need to learn about how to organize his notes, especially since he will need to make required connections during the integrated speaking and integrated writing tasks. For example, during the integrated writing task, Elaf will need to jot down the three points of the reading passage and then write down the three counter points in the listening passage. If his notes do not follow a logical organization, it will be more difficult for him to satisfactorily complete the integrated portion of the writing section. To help him, after joining Michael’s Online TOEFL Course, Michael recommended that Elaf complete TOEFL Reading and Listening Lesson 1, both of which are designed to help TOEFLers organize their notes when reading and listening to academic passages.

Here is the You Tube Video that Michael prepared for Elaf to help him to solve his language problems:


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