Dalia scores 110 on the TOEFL exam: R: 29, L:27, S:26, and W:28!

Dalia had seen that a lot of students are getting better TOEFL scores from Michael’s website. Having commented that she had repeated the TOEFL many times and consequently all her scores were very low, Dalia made the choice to subscribe to Michael’s website: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Dalia said she needed to score at least 110 to continue her postgraduate training in Surgery.

Dalia’s introductory comments to Michael were as follows:

“Hi Michael,
I’m a doing postgraduate training in Surgery. I’m applying for the residency programs in US. So I need a score up to 110. Sadly, the highest score I got on Toefl is 93. Whenever I took the test the one section will go down and another will go up. The highest score I got in each section is R: 23, L: 24, S: 22, and W: 24. Now, I’m totally confused how to get out of this. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you,

Formerly, Dalia held a TOEFL score of 93 with R: 23, L: 24, S: 22, and W: 24. But after three months in Michael’s course, Dalia held a new TOEFL score of 110 with R: 29, L: 27, S: 26, and W: 28!
How was this possible for Dalia?

To successfully pass the reading section, Dalia needed to learned effective reading skills. So with Michael’s reading section; Dalia learned how to discern main ideas and details, how to understand vocabulary from context, to understand the organization of reading passages including transitions, and having the ability to make inferences! In addition, with Michael’s academic reading practice tests, Dalia was able to test her ability to read from 100 to 350 words per minute. Because of this, Dalia learned effective reading habits which improved her reading proficiency.

To successfully pass the listening section, you need to learn to catch the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages. So with Michael’s listening section, Dalia learned how to take notes and practicing taking notes as she completed 40 + listening practice tests. Because of this, Dalia grasped how to use her notes to answer the listening comprehension questions. Additionally, this section gave Dalia additional tips and tricks in inference, idioms, negative expressions, getting the main idea, and understanding transitions!

To successfully pass the speaking section, you need to have intelligible pronunciation. So with Michael’s pronunciation section, Dalia in other words learned to speak English without being distracted by awkward pauses and unclear pronunciation. This allowed for Dalia to perform multiple vowel and constant exercises, 1000′s of pronunciation drills and practice tests, and an extensive instruction in word stress. Because of this, Dalia gained substantial knowledge in speaking proficiency.

And to successfully pass the writing section, Dalia improved her punctuation, editing, and writing. By learning basic and advanced sentence structures, verb tenses, word choice, and word forms; Dalia resultantly gained competence in independent and integrated writing skills. In addition, with Michael’s writing section; Dalia writing proficiency and overall sentence organization improved by learning to decode the writing task, organizing a coherent response, and writing detailed developmental paragraphs.

Dalia’s concluding comments to Michael were as follows:

“Again thank you for the excellent website you put together.
Have a good day and nice meeting with you.

All in all, after three months in Michael’s course, Dalia held a new TOEFL score of 110 with R: 29, L: 27, S: 26, and W: 28. So like Dalia, consider joining Michael’s Online TOEFL Course and improve your English proficiency for your next TOEFL exam.

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