Chien takes an Online TOEFL Course to improve his writing proficiency.

When Chien of Vietnam, first enrolled into Michael Buckhoff’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” he wanted improve his grammatical errors and writing abilities. Reason being, Chien has been receiving low writing scores on the TOEFL iBT and has been having a tough time improving his writing inaccuracies. Because of this, Chien has subscribed to Michael’s TOEFL Course in order to improve his writing proficiency and writing competence in independent and integrated writing skills. After many weeks enrolled into the course, Chien improved his overall writing proficiencies with personal satisfaction by Chien himself.  Such that, Chien gave credit to Michael’s grammar and writing sections, which he remarked as being the sections that helped him to improve his grammatical and writing proficiencies. A general overview of what these sections have to offer is listed below.

In the grammar section of Michael’s TOEFL Course, students like Chien have exclusive access to college level editing, grammar, and writing lessons which improves the grammatical competencies of students in the course. Lessons like, Lessons 1-3, where students study about sentence variety, being more concise, and punctuation. Or, Lesson 7, where students complete “Writing Exercises” and “Grammar Exercises,” which target in improving ones writing abilities in skills such as: basic and advanced sentence structures, verb tenses, word forms, word choice, parallel structures, and so on.

This content has better prepared students with the rigors of academic writing and it’ll better prepare you for the independent and integrated writing sections of the TOEFL iBT. Above all, you will also learn to minimize the frequency of grammar errors that you are making when you speak and write English.

In the writing section of Michael’s TOEFL Course, students like Chien have numerous independent and integrated writing practice tests plus 100′s of skill-building exercises which improve the writing competencies of students in regard to independent and integrated writing skills. By gaining competence in independent and integrated writing skills, students eventually learn how to: decode the writing task, organize a coherent response, write detailed developmental paragraphs, and end their essays with a conclusion. Because of this, students continue to report of how well they improved on the TOEFL iBT writing section; student like Chien, who has overcome his initial grammatical errors and writing inaccuracies with the grammar and writing sections in Michael’s course. A brief statement regarding Chien’s satisfaction to Michael’s Course is listed below:

“Dear Michael,

During my time taking your TOEFL course, I had new lesson plans and teachings that improved my writing abilities in areas I couldn’t seem to improve before. You have an excellent grammar and writing section which I owe many of my thanks to. As a result, my latest writing score on the TOEFL iBT was 27 with the rest as:
Reading 25
Listening 24
Speaking 24


In the end, I owe thanks to you for all your teachings and hope to see you again in the future if I take TOEFL again.

Until then,

Want to improve your grammatical errors and writing inaccuracies with the grammar and writing sections in Michael’s course? Then consider joining the 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT and began to improve your writing skills like Chien and many others.


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