Cheyenne needs a score of at least 90 to enter the university.

Short of her goal by 12 points, Cheyenne was required by her University to score at least 80 points on the TOEFL to apply. Having studied first studied TOEFL in California, Cheyenne needed another solution to improve her American English now that she lived in the state of Arizona. This being said, Cheyenne must have realized that she needed an online course because Cheyenne made the decision to join Michael Buckhoff’s Online TOEFL Course for only $38 a month. On her first attempt, Cheyenne formerly noted that she scored 78/120 with R-20, L-18, S-19, and W-21. Needing to improve her score by at least 12 more points to reach 90/120, Cheyenne was selected to review Michael’s listening, reading, speaking, and writing sections.

Cheyenne’s introductory comments to Michael were as follows:

“Hello, Michael,

At the first time taking TOEFL, I finished with a total of 78 points- Reading: 20, Listening: 18, Speaking: 19, Writing: 21. I was not reach my goal because I required to get at least 90 points to apply for the University. If I could reach 90+ points, that would be best for me.

Best regards,


A basic overview of four of the seven sections offered in Michael’s course is listed below.

With the help of by Michael’s listening section, Cheyenne was able to learn to understand important details of academic listening passages. By learning what method to take notes and practicing taking notes as she completed over forty listening practice tests, Cheyenne learned how to use her notes to answer listening comprehension questions. Furthermore, this section taught Cheyenne additional listening skills such as: understanding transitions, idioms, negative expressions, and getting the main idea.

With the help of Michael’s reading section, Cheyenne was able to learn intelligible reading skills with an ability to concentrate. By learning effective reading strategies and skills, Cheyenne learned how to become a proficient reader by: understanding vocabulary words and their definitions from the reading, braking down important details during the reading, and having the power to conclude what it’s all about in the conclusion.

With the help of Michael’s speaking section, Cheyenne was able to learn the speaking skills needed to score high during independent and integrated speaking assignments. By learning appropriate organization with the right speaking lessons and exercises, Cheyenne built competent speaking skills such as: decoding the speaking task, including a topic statement, communicating a coherent response, and addressing key detail within the core of her speech.

Lastly, with the help of Michael’s writing section, Cheyenne targeted and improved her writing weaknesses by developing the writing skills needed to address writing tasks coherently and grammatically. By gaining competent writing skills, Cheyenne learned writing competencies such as: restating the writing task, constructing a legible response, writing well developed paragraphs, and ending with a final statement of the writing task at hand.

As a result, Cheyenne 91/120 on her next exam! The following marks were listed as: R-24, L-21, S-22, and W-24.

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