Arturo joins an Online TOEFL Course to improve his speaking and writing abilities.

Arturo joins an Online TOEFL Course to help improve his speaking and writing abilities.  Originally from Mexico City then having moved to California, Arturo wasn’t the most fluent English writer or speaker. For this fact, it’s likely to be the case that Arturo decided to do some research looking for an Online TOEFL Course to help improve his writing and speaking abilities. Why do I make this assumption? Arturo joined Michael’s system called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” Why reasons could have influenced Arturo’s judgment to join this course over many others? Michael’s renowned online course offers numerous well developed lesson plans, helpful practices, and additional feedback offered to help students to pass their TOEFL Exam. Or in Arturo’s case, in order to improve his writing and speaking abilities at a low cost of 38 dollars per month.

At first, after reading Arturo’s writing skills, Arturo scored poorly and had problems with topic development, sentence organization, and grammatical errors. Furthermore, Arturo sadly made many mistakes when speaking in English as well. In spite of the lessons and practices offered in Michael’s writing and speaking sections, what helped Arturo immensely was his decision to take part in an additional service to better improve his writing and speaking proficiencies. After consulting with site manager Luis, Arturo decided to pay for the additional service of having Michael, materials writer, founder, and teacher for this TOEFL Course, to work with him independently in order to correct all the errors in his writing and speaking.

Four months into the course, Arturo had formerly begun to score at least an average of 25 in both the writing and speaking sections within Michael’s course. By adding this additional service, Arturo had immensely been helped in improving his speaking and writing strengths and weaknesses. Such that Arturo continued to use Michael’s course too explore the many other lesson plans offered to pass the TOEFL iBT, such as: Michael’s vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, and listening lessons. In the end, Arturo ended his subscription after six months of being a faithful subscriber and walked away with his first TOEFL iBT score of 97/120.

Arturo’s ending comments to Michael were as follows:

“Your course Mr. Buckhoff has allowed for me becoming a more fluent and knowledgeable English citizen. These lessons with your additional feedback offered, helped reach my goal of passing the TOEFL Exam.

Best of luck in your all,


Make the decision like Arturo had done already and begin your access to Michael’s excellent course.


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