Are ETS’s listening and reading practice tests the same level as the actual TOEFL exam?

A lot of students, once they have developed an advanced level of academic English language proficiency, will take TOEFL iBT reading, listening, speaking, and writing practice tests. Taking practice tests help test-takers become more familiar with the structure and format of the TOEFL iBT exam, develop the stamina and concentration needed for a five hour English test, and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are with the reading, listening, speaking, and writing question types.

Of course, Education Testing Service (ETS) offers practice tests to help students get ready for their upcoming exam. However, are these practice tests at the same level of difficulty as the actual TOEFL exam? This was exactly the question that I was asked two days ago from someone who had visited my web site at  Here are my video comments to the student: