Alvaro uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 102.

Michael’s renowned Online TOEFL Course has benefitted the lives of a large number of students striving to reach TOEFL success. Take for Álvaro example, Álvaro improved his listening, reading, speaking, and writing proficiency with all the content and feedback provide by Michael’s online course. As a result, Álvaro was able to develop the best possible proficiency in American English during his four month subscription.

With Michael’s listening section, Álvaro learned to catch important details and the central idea of academic listening passages. With exclusive listening lessons, Michael’s reading section gave Álvaro the opportunity to acquire critical listening skills such as: understanding transitions, getting the main idea, inference, idioms, and negative expressions. Furthermore, by learning how to take notes and practicing taking notes as he completed 40 + listening practice tests, Álvaro readily use his notes to answer comprehensive listening questions.

With Michael’s reading section, Álvaro learned to build effective reading skills. With exclusive reading lessons, Michael’s reading section helped Álvaro understand the organization of reading passages and to be able to reach final judgment based on several reading passages. Furthermore, by engaging in an extensive reading campaign, Álvaro was tested on his ability to read and comprehend the reading passage with words per minute practice tests.

With Michael’s speaking section, Álvaro learned to speak fluently and clearly without unpleasant pauses or unclear pronunciation. With exclusive speaking lessons, Michael’s speaking section gave Álvaro the opportunity to properly deliver the stress and intonation of different words. Furthermore, by Álvaro working on several speaking exercises, practice tests, and receiving feedback from Michael’s group on Voxopop, Álvaro was able to effectively improve his speaking proficiency in a matter of weeks.

Lastly, with Michael’s writing section, Álvaro learned to gain competent, independent and integrated writing skills. With exclusive writing lessons and exercises, Michael’s writing section gave Álvaro the opportunity to improve his word choice, punctuation, and transitions. Furthermore, by Álvaro completing several independent and integrated practice tests, Álvaro was able to build well structured and organized writing responses during the TOEFL IBT.

All in all, with Michael’s listening, reading, speaking, and writing section, students like Álvaro have completed several lessons, exercises, and practice tests to improve their scores on the TOEFL IBT. As such, Álvaro scored 102/120 on the TOEFL IBT! Like Álvaro, do you need extra help with understanding or building strategies and or intelligibility in American English? Then subscribe to Michael’s online course today and receive exclusive to all the content and feedback provide by teaching assistants to reach the best possible proficiency in American English.

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