Alessandro uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 26 on speaking.

Alessandro’s strong accent has prevented him from being able being meet his goal during the speaking section. Deciding what was best for himself, Alessandro in early April subscribed to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” After mentioning of his careful review of the website, Alessandro formerly asked Michael how he could build his academic English proficiency in speaking to score between his ideal goals of 25-30. Having helped thousands achieve high scores on the TOEFL, Alessandro was recommended by Michael to complete various exercises and practice tests within his pronunciation and speaking sections. As a direct result, Alessandro was notably challenged to strengthen his speaking expertise with exclusive speaking lessons.

In Michael’s pronunciation section, Alessandro was given substantial practice with vowel and consonants sounds and instruction in the stress, intonation, and pausing of different words and expressions. With Michaels speak clearly lessons 1 through 24, Alessandro was many hours of instruction to decipherer several vowels and constant sounds. Likewise, with speak clearly lessons 25 through 49; Alessandro was given numerous hours of instruction to skills such as: blending, word stress, grammatical word endings, and sentence rhythm. Thus as a result of Michael’s pronunciation section, Alessandro soon developed his pronunciation and was able to speak with much less difficulty, awkward pauses, and even unclear pronunciation.

Similarly with Michael’s speaking section, Alessandro had exclusive Speak Clearly Lessons to improve his skills in understanding the given task, managing a coherent reply, and enunciating adequate details within the speech. How many lessons to be exact? Michael’s speaking section includes 300 independent and 20 integrated practice tests plus 100′s of skill-building exercises. After having completed these various exercises, Alessandro developed organizational skills that he was able to transfer to his speaking proficiencies. Subsequently, Alessandro scored 26/30 during the speaking section when he took the TOEFL iBT for the following time.

In the end, Alessandro must have felt a sense of accomplishment once he passed the TOEFL and improved his speaking proficiency! Through comprehensive skill building lessons, Michael’s pronunciation and speaking sections helped Alessandro immensely in acquiring his goal. Like Alessandro, do you need to build intelligible pronunciation and speaking skills? In other words, you need to speak English fluently and clearly without being distracted by awkward pauses and unclear pronunciation. Then like Alessandro, consider joining Michael’s 7 Step System for a better TOEFL score and build a lifetime of English knowledge.


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