Alejandro uses a praiseworthy TOEFL iBT book, but he needs an Online TOEFL Course to post his pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests for an iBT speaking and writing specialist to grade.

Online TOEFL Course

Alejandro uses a TOEFL book, but he needs an Online TOEFL Course so he can have his pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests evaluated by a TOEFL iBT speaking and writing specialist.

A while back, Alejandro bought an iBT TOEFL preparation book called “Mastering Skills for the TOEFL iBT,” published by Campass Publishing, and he could not be any happier. The book is helping him get used to the TOEFL iBT format and has dozens of TOEFL-level practice tests to help him improve his reading, listening, speaking, and writing proficiencies. However, there are two things the book cannot do.

First of all, the book has several independent and integrated practice tests that he can take, but there is no option to have these practice tests graded by a TOEFL iBT specialist. Alejandro, like many students, is studying TOEFL independently without an instructor to help him learn the materials. It is simply too expensive for Alejandro to enroll in an Intensive English Program. It would cost him 1000’s of dollars to study English with an instructor at a TOEFL cram school for example. Therefore, he searched the Internet and found an inexpensively-priced Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” For less than what it costs to fill up his gas tank in his Toyota Corolla, Alejandro can post one independent or integrated practice each day while subscribed to this Online TOEFL Course, and, within about 24 hours, a TOEFL iBT Writing Specialist with an MA-TESOL Degree will read and score his writing responses. That is exactly what Alejandro needs.

Second of all, his TOEFL book also has speaking practice tests that he can complete, but like the writing practice tests, there is no one to grade his responses. Alejandro also realizes that this new Online TOEFL Course has a Voxopop Discussion Group that he can join that will allow him to post all his independent and integrated speaking practice tests Online, and, again all his responses will be graded by an iBT speaking specialist who has an MA-TESOL Degree. And what is even cooler is the iBT speaking specialist gives him audio feedback on every speaking task that he submits. Alejandro is surprised to find out that his new Online TOEFL Course has more than 300 independent speaking practice tests for him to complete. In addition, there are 20 integrated speaking practice tests that he can also complete, each time getting 2-5 minutes of audio feedback.

In conclusion, with a TOEFL book in one hand and with his iPad in the other, Alejandro has all the necessary tools offline and online to help him reach his TOEFL goals. Now all he needs to do is to consistently study his lessons over a period of 1-3 months, and he will soon enough reach his target TOEFL scores. Good luck, Alejandro!

Online TOEFL Course

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