Aitan studies listening and writing to improve his TOEFL score.

Excited to have found Michael’s Online TOEFL Course on short notice, Aitan subscribed to pass the TOEFL iBT test for his university application which requires at least 83 points total and 20 points on each part. Believing that Michael could help him out in getting a good TOEFL score, when Aitan first time took the TOEFL he scored 75 with R-20, L-16, S-22, and W-17. Needing to improve his listening comprehension, Aitan believed he understood what was being said in the conversations, but felt in the lectures he missed out on important details while he took notes. As for the writing section, Aitan noted how he felt he had wrong sentence organization and punctuation.

Because of this, Aitan was recommended to review Michael’s listening and writing section to strengthen his skills.

With Michael’s TOEFL listening section, Aitan learned how to build critical listening skills. For instance, by working out listening lessons offered, Aitan learned to catch the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages. As a direct result, Aitan learned listening tips and tricks such as: idioms, inference, and getting the main idea. In addition, by learning how to take notes and practicing how to take notes as he completed over forty effective listening practice tests, Aitan learned to be effective in writing and giving oral summaries about the different lectures. In due time, Aitan built exceptional listening skills.

With Michael’s writing section, Aitan learned how to build critical writing skills. For instance, by working out independent and integrated practice tests plus 100’s of skill-building exercises, Aitan gained competence in: decoding the writing task, writing detailed developmental paragraphs, and organizing a coherent response. In addition, with Michael’s writing section, iBT writing specialists provided feedback to Aiden’s writing responses in order to help improve his writing organization, punctuation, and transitions. Thus in due time, Aiden built exceptional writing skills.

In the end, Aitan scored 88 points on the TOEFL iBT after two months enrolled in Michael’s course. Aitan listed his results as: R-23, L-21, S-23, and W-21. Thanks to Michael’s exclusive listening and writing sections, Aitan was now able to receive admission into his University of choice. With an improved understanding in listening and writing, like Aitan you too can benefit from Michael’s TOEFL Course. Composed of seven different sections and only thirty-eight dollars a month, take it upon yourself to improve your English proficiency like Aitan has done already.

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