After scoring 94 on her TOEFL exam, Tahel begins her undergraduate studies.

Knowing only the basics in American English, Tahel had formerly conducted an online search for a course that would’ve improved her American English proficiency and help her score a minimum of 90/120 on the TOEFL IBT. A native of Israel, Tahel was a former STEALTH student in Michael’s distinguished Online TOEFL Course. Tahel had never taken the TOEFL IBT before and her university required a minimal score of 90/120 for Tahel to begin her undergraduate studies in fall quarter of 2014.

With this in mind, Michael had given Tahel an overview about what is usually required for students to score well on the TOEFL IBT. During this overview, Michael had recommended for Tahel to study of his 90-Day TOEFL Study Guide in order for Tahel to achieve maximal results. That being said, Tahel had daily access to Michael’s distinguished lesson plans, exercises, and practice tests which are designed to help students improve by 20-30 points and perform optimally during the comprehensive reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections on the TOEFL IBT. A four section overview of what Tahel had been working on during her ninety-day subscription is listed below.

By reviewing Michael’s grammar section, Tahel had access to 33 grammar lesson plans and several grammar exercises which taught her to develop grammar skills such as: college level editing, learning fundamental and progressive sentence structures, word forms, word choice, verb tenses, and so on. With regards to Michael’s listening section, Tahel gave her attention to 16 listening lesson plans and 44 listening practice tests which taught Tahel to develop critical listening skills such as: inferencing, negative expressions, idioms, understanding transitions, and comprehending important details about the listening task.

By reviewing Michael’s reading section, Tahel had access to 21 reading lesson plans and 70 academic speed reading practice tests which helped her to develop effective reading skills such as: explaining the reading task, identifying main ideas and details, and having the ability to make inferences. With regards to Michael’s speaking section, Tahel had access to 100′s of skill-building exercises which helped her to develop competent speaking skills such as: topic development, delivery, language use, and ending with a conclusion assertion.

Over the long haul, Tahel turned out scoring 94/120 on the TOEFL IBT and was able to begin her undergraduate studies in fall quarter of 2014. All in all, like Tahel, consider strengthening your American English proficiency by making the decision to subscribe to Michael’s distinguished Online TOEFL Course.

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