Abdelaziz finds an Online TOEFL Course to help him pass the reading section.

Online TOEFL Course

Last week, in attempt to begin improving his reading proficiency, Adelaziz picked up a copy of the New York Times and began reading an article about the housing market in the United States and its effect on the economy. As he was reading each sentence word by agonizing word, he noticed a bird flying nearby outside the window of his kitchen.
It had red tipped wings with blue feathers on top of its head. It was the most beautiful bird he had seen since winter had set in.

“Wait a minute!” thought Adelaziz. “Why am I thinking about a bird and winter right? I am supposed to be focusing on this article about the housing market. Damn it!”

Then, Adelaziz refocused his thoughts back to the reading passage; however, due to the distractions of the bird and his subsequent random thoughts, he could not remember what he had already read. Therefore, to his disappointment, he started to re-read the New York Times article from the beginning. This time after about four sentences, he came across the word “offset,” which appeared in the following sentence: “The housing market’s improvements will offset the increasing unemployment that we have seen in recent years.”

“What does “offset” mean?” Adelaziz thought to himself. He had always been a perfectionist in all parts of his life, and he needed to know the meaning of that word before he could continue reading the article. Consequently, Adelaziz stopped reading the article, went in his living room, and looked up the word “offset.” Once he knew the meaning of the word, he went back to the article and started reading the fourth line, but, like before, he could no longer remember what the main point of the article was. So far, it had been an incredible 22 minutes, and he had not read more than 50 words. Worse yet, his comprehension of the article was no better than it was before he started reading it.

He gave up reading the article, and, in a fit of rage, he threw the newspaper into the fire. “No wonder I scored 15/30 on the reading section of the TOEFL,” Adelaziz thought to himself. “I can not concentrate at all when I read in English. I am never going to pass the TOEFL.”

It was at this point that Adelaziz starting searching for an Online TOEFL Course to help him improve his reading. Something had to change, or he would never be able to reach his TOEFL goals. After a couple of days, Adelaziz came across a Web Site called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” From what he could tell, all he needed to do was to post a question in the comment box, and a TOEFL iBT specialist would answer him by video.

“So Adelaziz posted the question, “How do I improve my TOEFL reading score?” And to Adelaziz’s surprise, founder, owner, and materials writer Michael Buckhoff answered him by video explaining six specific steps that would help Adelaziz improve his reading proficiency.

Adelaziz thought, “Could it be that simple? If I do those six things, I can improve my reading proficiency?”

And it was exactly that simple, so Adelaziz decided to join the Online TOEFL Course to begin improving his reading and all the other areas of his academic English proficiency that would help him to reach his goals.

Online TOEFL Course

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