Using an Online TOEFL Course, Carla improves from 78 to 92.

When Carla was scheduled to retake the TOEFL IBT on July 2, 2014, Carla scored 92 with reading-24, listening-23, speaking-24, and writing-21. Grateful to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course, Carla used to have an unsatisfactory score of 78 with reading-17, listening-21, speaking-22, and writing-18; equaling to a 65% English proficiency. Disappointed by these results, this was when Carla urged Michael to evaluate her results and recommend a solution to benefit her improvement. Because of this, Carla was consulted by Michael that she lacked sufficient reading and writing skills to meet high TOEFL requirement. As such, Carla was recommended to review Michael’s renowned reading and writing sections during her 3 month subscription.

By being recommended to review Michael’s renowned reading section, Carla learned: effective reading habits, how to discern main ideas and details, understand vocabulary from context, understand the organization of reading passages including transitions, and having the ability to make conclusions. How so? Well with Michael’s reading section, Carla’s was taught her how to read academic passages and how to take notes of these passages so she was able to create organized responses during the integrated writing and integrated writing practice tests. In addition, Carla had access to seventy academic speed reading practice tests testing students’ ability to read from 100 to 350 words per minute. Furthermore, by Carla engaging in an extensive reading campaign in which she regularly read for about forty-five minutes daily, Carla evidently was able read from a computer screen at a speed of 187 words per minute with eighty percent comprehension.

By being recommended to review Michael’s renowned writing section, Carla learned: composing detailed developmental paragraphs, how to decode the writing task, organizing a coherent response, and ending her essay’s with a definite conclusion. How so? Well with Michael’s writing section, Carla had access to different independent and integrated practice tests, hundreds of skill-building exercises, and feedback from iBT writing specialists to help improve her writing proficiency by constantly working together to target and improve her academic writing with recommended lessons. As such, Carla evidently developed suitable writing proficiency which enabled her to score above 20/30 on the TOEFL IBT.

Ultimately, with regards to Carla’s reading and writing capabilities, thanks to Michael’s TOEFL course “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL IBT,” Carla ended up scoring 92 surpassing her original score of 78 in just a little over three months. Like Carla, have you been looking for a comprehensive course to meet your TOEFL goal? Then consider joining renowned Michael’s 7 Step System to achieve your TOEFL expectations.


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