Nakano scores 95 on the TOEFL iBT after using an Online Course.

By no means constrained with time since he was not studying abroad, Nakano was formerly subscribed to Michael’s Online TOEFL Course “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL IBT.” Continuing to have difficulty regarding his listening and speaking abilities, Nakano had already taken the TOEFL examination two times. For the sake of meeting his goals, Nakano desired Michael’s help. With 20+ plus years of English teaching experience, Michael’s renowned system has assisted countless students pass the exam in seven essential steps. In Nakano’s case, Michael’s system allowed for him to develop the academic proficiency needed to answer the listening and speaking sections of the TOEFL IBT proficiently and confidently.

With Michael’s listening section, Nakano had access to 40+ academic listening practice tests, 16 different listening lessons, 240 total listening questions, and a total of 15 hours of instruction by video, pdf files, and or web pages. When working on Michael’s 16 different listening lessons, Nakano learned to better his ability in catching the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages. As such, Nakano learned helpful listening skills such as: idioms, negative expressions, getting the main idea, understanding transitions and how to reach a conclusion on the basis of evidence and reasoning. Furthermore, Nakano learned how to take effective note that helped him to answer listening comprehension questions during Michael’s 40+ listening practice tests. Because of this, during Michael’s speaking section, Nakano displayed his ability to be effective when giving oral summaries of different speaking assignments.

In regards to his speaking capabilities, Nakano formerly had trouble pronouncing his vowels and consonant sounds. In addition, Nakano had trouble pronouncing words with appropriate stress and blending. For this reason, Nakano worked on to speak clearly lessons and did thousands of pronunciation drills enabling him to have extensive practice with vowel and consonant sounds. As such, Nakano learned helpful speaking skills such as instruction in the stress, intonation, and pausing. Because of this, Nakano improved his vowels and consonant sounds as well as his clarity in blending and word stress. Furthermore, Nakano was able to test and further improve his ability to pronounce words in English correctly and clearly by working on many integrated and independent practice tests.

With all this, Nakano truly became a more efficient listener and English speaker. Such that when he re-took the TOEFL IBT for his third time, Nakano scored 95 with R-24, L-23, S-25 and W-23! Like Nakano, consider joining Michael’s system today and like Nakano began your quest to English proficiency.

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