Yuke uses an Online TOEFL Course to score 109!

Hi there!

I am Michael Buckhoff, the founder, owner, and materials writer for “The 7-Step to Pass the TOEFL iBT”.

Teaching TOEFL preparation online can be bittersweet. Sometimes I get messages in which students have not yet reach their target scores.  For example, one on my Online TOEFL Course students set a goal of 100 for the exam, yet she received a score of 96. Therefore, she had to spend another month of preparation before she would finally get past the 100 point threshold.  Indeed, she eventually reached her goal, but it was a struggle and took more time than she had thought it would.

In other cases, I get e-mails in which a student reaches her/his goal.  For example, Yuke, a Japanese citizen who has never lived outside of Japan, scored 109/120 on the exam, with subtotals of 30, 29, 26, and 24 on the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections. Yuke used my Online TOEFL Course for several months and began posting independent and integrated speaking practice tests for me to comment on.  Soon enough, Yuke started to improve his delivery, language use, and topic development. Furthermore, Yuke followed some of my speaking tips and advice over an extended period of time and was able to reach near-native speaking fluency of American English.

In fact, after receiving an e-mail from Yuke about his having achieved a score of 109, I  put together a video congratulating him on his accomplishments:

As you can tell, I am very proud of Yuke because I know how hard he had to work to achieve his goal.

Michael, http://onlinetoeflcourse.com