Score 30 on TOEFL Writing.

Score 30 on  TOEFL writing by watching the following video I put together modeling an independent and integrated writing practice test. Both of these examples will score 30/30 pts. or 5.0/5.0.

Score 30 on TOEFL Writing: Topic and Example Response for Independent Writing Task

Topic: When people succeed in life, it is because of hard work. Being lucky has nothing to do with success in life.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

Model response from the video:

Nowadays, many self-help books or novels with subliminal messages help people become successful. Similarly, several conferences, videos and workshops about the best way to achieve success have been frequently published on television; however, nobody is able to explain how success is exactly achieved in life because it depends on many factors. Although many external variables affect a person’s success, a particular attitude will help significantly to achieve it: hard work. Personally, I agree that people succeed in life due to hard work, and being lucky has nothing to do with their success. Persevering and always doing my best will help me to achieve success, and both attitudes are consequences of hard work.

To endure in one’s studies, an important step to be successful, is very related to hard work because it means to repeat a particular action many times if it is necessary until it can be done well. For example, in the academic field, if I failed a biology exam, I would have to re-take this exam again until I could pass it. In fact, if this exam were the final exam, I might have to retake the course in order to develop full competency over the subject matter. Without a doubt, a great number of study hours would be needed to improve my performance; hence, hard work is mandatory in order for me to be academically successful.

In addition, to do the best I can every time is important to be successful considering that it guarantees an ideal performance, especially when complemented with suitable instruction. For instance, if I want to score high on the TOEFL exam, it will be instrumental that each time I take a practice test I do the best I can by applying all my previous knowledge, and, each time I retake those practice tests, I have the same attitude; however, it will be also useful to have a good mentor who will do his/her best to help me to identify my weaknesses and to give me suggestions in order for me to minimize or eliminate my problem areas. Consequently, if this kind of instruction were not included in my preparation process, no matter how many times I retook the exam, I would never improve my performance on that test. In fact, that was what happened to me a few months ago. Therefore, the importance of hard work again is highlighted since both my mentor and I will need to do the best we can in order to foster success.

After having shown the importance of persevering and doing the best I can in classes and when preparing for the TOEFL exam, both of which involve hard work, undoubtedly, hard work is one of the main causes of being a successful person. Hardly ever does being lucky have something to do with success in life.


Score 30 on TOEFL Writing: Topic and Example Response for Integrated Writing Task

Topic: How does the lecture cast doubt on the information in the reading passage?

Model response from the video:

For businesses to be successful, the reading passage recommends that all employees participate in all meetings, read all the materials, and bypass the steps of writing process when writing reports, but the lecture questions the efficiency of these suggestions.

First, the professor claims that the number of employee meetings should be limited and short. According to him, meetings longer than 60 minutes might be unproductive since workers usually stop paying attention—especially if leaders spend too much time covering introductory topics. He recommends that, instead of calling a meeting, workers should try to deal with issues using emails or making phone calls. In addition, they should either decline going to the meeting or inform participants that they will leave the meeting after 60 minutes. However, the author in the reading passage argues that companies need to schedule as many meetings as possible since they are an excellent way of dealing with problems and staying current with modern work-related technology.

Second, workers do not have to read reports entirely, according to the speaker in the lecture, because it might be a misuse of time. According to him, only small portions of each report are probably important. He thinks that focusing on main ideas is a more efficient way of reading a report. In contrast, the reading states that reading materials given to employees will help them perform better at work and that it is recommended that they read them completely instead of primarily looking for main ideas, as the professor suggests in the lecture.

Lastly, to help employees become more efficient writers, the professor suggests that they follow the steps of the writing process. When it comes to writing reports, the professor explains that workers should not initially try to write in “perfect and complete sentences” since it will take too long to complete the reports. Instead, for the sake of saving time, he proposes to make an outline, write a quick draft, and finally revise and correct the mistakes. However, the reading states that reports should be written all at once since separating the steps in the writing process wastes time.

Ultimately, the lecture casts doubts on the reading passage by stating that having frequent and long meetings, reading all reports in detail, and writing reports all at once will in fact make businesses less efficient and consequently less successful.

Score 30 on TOEFL Writing: Final Comments

score 30 on toefl writing
score 30 on toefl writing

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