TOEFL iBT Reading Practice

What’s included in the reading section of this course?

  • Learn how to critically read and take notes of academic passages.
  • Learn the iBT reading question types and the strategies for answering them.
  • Improve reading speed from 100 to 350 WPM with 60-80% comprehension.
  • Improve concentration and comprehension of reading passages.
  • Develop an effective note-taking system for integrated writing and integrated speaking tasks.

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12 thoughts on “TOEFL iBT Reading Practice

  1. I gave my Toefl 2 times and I am slow in reading. i’m not able to complete the reading section in time.on jan 10th 2015 i gave my toefl ibt. i got 17 out of 30. I have my exam on 25 jan 2015. Three days from now. can u give me few tips to improve?

    1. CP,

      Here are my video comments to you:

      Good luck to you!


  2. thanks for your special program

    1. You are welcome.

  3. Hello Michael, I had taken the TOEFL ibt 2 weeks ago,and I scored 63 which was very disappointing part.I scored 10 in R , 17 in L , 19 in S , 17 in W. I spent almost one month for preparation and I used online free resources since i don’t have other source(I’m a dependent housewife moved to US 18 months ago). On the test I was nervous and was unable to completed my Reading and Independent Writing task in time.I almost wasted 25 to 28 min’s in completing 1st passage and left with only 4 min’s to complete the last one.In writing I left my 2nd body paragraph ( 2 nd example) and conclusion in complete .I’m thinking to retake my TOEFL on Oct 16/31 .Please can u give me some suggestions, so that i can score at least 84 so that I can get in near by school. Do you think is it a good idea to retake the exam within 18 days to improve score.


  4. Hellow Michael, i got 64 in my first toefl ibt. 8 Reading, 19 listening, 20 speaking and 17 writing. Please can you give me few suggestions or ideas to retake the TOEFL IBT exam on February 20 (9 days). Actually i need a score of 80 for my double degree.


    Luis Agudelo

    1. Luis,

      Follow the link to get some tips on how you can improve your score:

      I would invite you to join my course, but there is not a lot you can do in nine days that will make a big difference. However, after you take the TOEFL exam, if you do not reach your goal, come back to my web site to let me know how you did. Then I can recommend a 2-3 month study plan to help you reach your target scores.

      Good luck on Feb 20, 2016!


  5. respected sir,
    i am practicing toefl from your free online material after i did the my best in my toefl exam that i have taken on Dec 5 2015 . i got only 15 in reading , 17 in writing , 18 in speaking and listening 9 only. dear sir how can i improve my english perfectly and i want to inform that i am a student of Tribhuvan university from Nepal.

    1. DRD,

      Here are my video comments to you:



  6. Hi my name is Mozhi. I took my toefl ibt on July 15th and i scored 60 overall. it seems i need to focus on all the parts. Again i am going to write my exam on Aug 26 th. please help me to improve my score i need to get 80. I am practicing everyday. I just want to know how to enroll your class for one week practice.

    1. Mozhi,

      You can join my course by going here:

      Please be advised that ONE week of practice will not help you to score 80. Most likely, you will need at least 3-4 months of serious and consistent study before reaching your target score of 80. Improving 20 points takes time and a heck of a lot of effort on your part.

      Good luck to you!


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