TOEFL iBT Listening Practice

What’s included in the listening section of this course?

  • Develop a note-taking system.
  • Improve and test listening comprehension of TOEFL-style lectures.
  • Adopt long-term listening practice strategies.
  • Practice TOEFL iBT test-taking strategies.

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9 thoughts on “TOEFL iBT Listening Practice

    1. Wael,

      Hi there!



  1. i want to join online groups for toefl speaking , can anyone help me?????

    1. Parveen,

      Yes, I can help you. I have an online TOEFL group in which you can post ONE speaking practice test per day. Moreover, at the low price of $38, you will be feedback from me. I have graded more than 5,500 speaking practice tests online over the last few years, so I have be able to help you overcome your delivery, language use, and topic development problems. My goal will be to help you score 26/30 on the speaking section.

      Here is a link to my Online TOEFL Group: (Do not post any speaking practice tests UNTIL you have made your payment!)

      To learn more about the speaking section of my Online TOEFL Course, go here:



  2. How can u help me for toefl? Recently, I had given attempt on 23 Jan, 2016 and the score was
    R – 13
    L – 07
    S – 13
    W – 17
    I was in a confusion for listening section. Do they ask questions in a serial order of discussing the topic or it may any of the overall conversation part for answering them? Please I need to improve the score from 50 to above 80.

    1. SB,

      Here are my comments to you:



  3. Hello Michael.

    My name is Luis I am from Dominican Rep and I want to join to your online course. Recently I’ve gratuaded from medicine school science and I need and overall score of 80p. Incluiding 22 (L) and 26(S) to be addmited in an university at the states, but first of all I wanted to know if my English skills are higher enought to take Toelf/IBT (Don’t want to waste my money). I can understand over 85-90 percent in each one of your videos, my pronuciation it is very good, but most of the time I get nervious and I don’t know what to say. In fact, details is something I am not good for. In the other hand I barely catch a few words in toefl listenning practice (lectures) prof goes too fast.

    This is going to be my first time taking Toefl, therfore I haven’t a score yet. My test could be on april 1st or 27 2017. I hope you can help me. Thank you

    1. Luis,

      Here are my video comments to you:



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