30-Day TOEFL Writing Boot Camp Course

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This course includes

a 30-60 minute diagnostic error-correction video of ONE independent and ONE integrated writing practice test

grading of 15 additional independent and integrated writing practice tests

1 month unlimited access to all 700 vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, speaking, and writing lessons, and the opportunity to complete all the lessons in this course outline as described

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4 reviews for 30-Day TOEFL Writing Boot Camp Course

  1. Sk (verified owner)

    30-day boot camp course is beneficial for students who are planning to take the TOEFL exam in a month. This course is quite useful to brush our writing skills during the last minute preparation. I feel the evaluator should give more clear suggestions which help students to focus and write more efficiently. However, I found this course is very feasible for non-working students like me since the fee is affordable. Thanks to the founder.

  2. Sri

    The boot-camp course is very constructive. There are a lot of practice questions for each section in this course which simulates the real exam. After submitting the answer, we can compare our response with the sample answer. Not only the sample answer but also Michael’s evaluation helped me to improve my writing skills in such a short span.

  3. Cagri Ozdemir

    This course enables me to see my weak points, so I do not waste my time. Feedbacks are helpful to realize my mistakes and guide me to study my weak points. Thank you very much…

  4. RP

    I don’t know any other TOEFL course which provides rating and feedback on writing tasks daily except Michael’s course. This course consists of more than 40 essays with sample answers. Also, the professional evaluation by Michael really helped me to assess what is missing in my essay. Feedback was provided considering grammar, tenses, coherence and other aspects. I managed to score 25 in my writing. I want to thank Michael for his patience in evaluating, feedback on my essays. Furthermore, this course triggered my writing skills. I feel the one month TOEFL course by Michael would be really helpful for those who have intermediate writing skills and want to meet short deadlines.

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