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19 reviews for 1 Month TOEFL Course

  1. Bianca Ross


    • Michael Buckhoff


      Did you have a question you wanted me to answer?



    • Michael Buckhoff


      You just joined my course! I will send your password and username to your gmail and your hotmail email addresses.

      Email me if you have any questions: mbuckhoff@aol.com



  2. Farimata Y Dieng

    I watched some YouTube videos made by Michael. They are awesome that is why I subscribe to the TOEFL’s courses.

  3. farimatayouga (verified owner)

    I have started watching some videos and doing my exercises. I find both of them excellent and very helpful.

    • Michael Buckhoff


      Thank you for your comments. Also, keep in mind that you can complete pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests whenever you are ready, and I will provide corrective audio feedback.



  4. vanishree (verified owner)

    I have purchased 1 month subscription but unable to access content.Could you please help me to start with

    • Michael Buckhoff

      I will create your username and password right now.

  5. Sarah

    I am a student of Michael, however, I found him late he is amazing; a dedicated, responsible person who every time you need him is available to help. Schedule and materials he has provided for the exam cover all the skills completely, and if you accomplish all the sections according to the schedule you will see a surprising improvement in English. I am going to take TOEFL in January and glad to have such an amazing teacher who gives me all the time valuable feedback and cares about my concerns.

  6. Sumaia

    This toefl course is amazing. You will find everything you need in all four sections. You can read the articles ,see the videos, and do pronunciation, speaking and writing practice test every day, and You will got your evaluation in 24 hours or less than that!
    That’s really help me!
    If you want to improve your toefl score dont’t hesitate to join 8this course ! You will not regret it!

  7. Jigisha

    Thank you Prof. Michael.
    It has been one week I joined my TOEFL course. I feel really positive about my improvements.
    For speaking section, he provides the important feedback with audio comments. I would have never known certain pronunciation, grammatical and intonation issues without his feedback. When I submit speaking practice test, he evaluates my response thoroughly. He concentrates on each word you say and recommends you to work with particular lessons. For example, in my speaking test he pointed out how incorrectly I say the word ‘protected’. The P and T consonants are not clear enough and that requires me to focus on lesson number 36 to 40.
    Of course, his suggestions for other sections are also really helpful.
    There should be more professors like him on this planet.

  8. Michael Buckhoff

    I am enrolling you in my course right now.

  9. Luis Mauricio

    I really enjoyed completing this course! Michael provided great feedback that helped me improve my English. The practice materials are incredibly helpful and comprehensive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone needing help passing the TOEFL!

  10. Daiane

    I would like to thank Michael Buckhoff for the reviews. I felt more confident while taking the toefl and I could get 25 on speaking section and 20 on writing. The integrated part was not very clear in the day of the test, which made my score goes down. However, I got 98 out of 120 in total. This score is enough to apply to the universities I want. Thanks Michael again!

  11. Marwa

    My name is Marwa,
    I’m one of Michael’s STEALTH students & I’m honored to take the opportunity to thank him about all his one of a kind work that he provided me & still providing me.
    He is simply the best English teacher that I have ever known & I consider myself lucky to have known him.
    He addresses every concern regarding English language that students might ever need to find a solution for or a tip to help them improve.
    And regarding the speaking section of the TOEFL, he is an expert in this area, and will easily tell you what you need to do or not to do to achieve your required score.
    Just heed his advices & follow them & you will improve.
    Thank you very much Michael, you are the best.

  12. soany alanoca

    hi!, i would like to known what kind of access i would have If I buy the 1 month TOEFL course. I took the toelf test 3 times, and my scores low ( 68, 78, 80) I would like to know if 1 month of preparation would be enough. I have short time to have the score I need in order to apply for scholarships in my country to study a master degree in Australia. My lowests scores were of the four skills, specially of the listening, reading, and speaking section.

    I will wait for your answer.

    • admin

      You will have unlimited access to all of my TOEFL lessons 24 hours a day for the entire month that you are enrolled. In addition, during your study with me, you will be able to email me pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests. Then I will provide you audio and written feedback, including an estimated score plus recommended lessons to address your specific weak points.

  13. Kweku Takyi

    Someone recommended me to join your class. I have taken the TOEFL iBT test twice and I scored 68 and 72. I have seen that I did pretty well on Speaking, Writing, Listening but not on Reading.

    I need help with Reading section. I need at least 20 points in the reading and my last score was 12.

    I would like to pay for one month of class to help me improve.
    I really need your help.

    • admin


      My 1-Month TOEFL Course will help you to improve your reading and the other sections of the TOEFL exam. To improve your reading score, you should be doing the following activities daily: 1) reading extensively for 45 minutes a day, 2) improving your college-level vocabulary to about 2,000 words, 3) increasing your reading speed to 300 words per minute with 60%-80% comprehension, 4) becoming familiar with TOEFL reading skills and strategies, and 5) completing full-length practice tests to measure your progress.

      My web site will give you a lot of practice with steps 2-4.


      Michael Buckhoff, mbuckhoff@aol.com

  14. Sara

    Hi I am Sara
    My TOEFL test is on 1 Feb and I am doing well in the listening section but the most problem is in the speaking, writing and reading sections respectively and I want to purchase a 1-month course but I am afraid that I am too late to enroll. So is 2 weeks enough for me to get over 80 in the test

    • admin

      You have two weeks to prepare for the TOEFL exam. What is your current TOEFL score? I know that you want to score 80, right? In your case a combination of self-study and private lessons will be ideal.

      In addition to my Online TOEFL Courses, I also have private tutoring which can definitely help you prepare for the TOEFL test: http://bettertoeflscores.com/toefl-private-lessons/

      You will be surprised how much teaching I can do with you, especially with speaking and writing practice in two weeks time.

      • admin

        Let me know if you have any questions.

        • Michael Buckhoff

          I can recommend a specific set of lesson plans to guide you toward your dream score.

  15. Ujin Ulziisaikhan

    Hi dear,
    I am planning to take a TOEFL 15th of Feb and it is my first attempt. As you see, it is just 20 days until the exam. I would like to improve all the skills, especially, writing, speaking and reading as well. Let me know what exactly I’ll learn from this 1-month course and want to see the arrangements of lessons.

    • Michael Buckhoff

      • Michael Buckhoff

        Also, remember that you will be able to send me up to ONE speaking and ONE writing practice test for scoring every 24 hours while you use this course. I will score any practice tests that you send me from anywhere on the Internet such as TPO.

  16. Wantanee Otsuka (verified owner)

    Hi, I’ve bought 1 month course today for my daughter and would like to know when I can get username and password so that she can start studying for the test this coming August.

    • Michael Buckhoff


      I will enroll her in my course this morning. I am teaching some online courses right now. I will enroll her after my break.



  17. Wantanee (verified owner)

    Hi Michael,
    My daughter has just joined 1 month course since July 31th. Today is Aug 8th, she could not use her password to log-in. Please help to fix it.

  18. Salma Begum

    Hi Michael,
    I am provisionally admitted to Michigan State University for Fall 2020 but have deferred to Spring 2021 due to pandemic situation. But I need to take toefl again to fullfil the required score that are R, L S – 19 but W – 22. My toefl score is 81 with subscore are R 16, L 24, S 22 and W 19. How can I overcome my situation? I took toefl 3 times but I got the same score each time without reading section, my reading score was 22 inr previous two toefl test. Now I have short time for preparation and pass the toefl with required score. How can it pissible?

    • Michael Buckhoff


      The 1-Month TOEFL course should give you enough advanced English practice to help you reach the subtotal scores that you need.



  19. Michelle Montesinos (verified owner)

    I joined to the month program. Could you help me with access? Please

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